Can the daughter of a well-respected airline pilot break the glass ceiling and become the first female pilot of a passenger aircraft? Han Da Jin (Ku Hye Sun) graduates from a prestigious pilot school in the United States. But on a flight to her graduation, her mother dies due to an error made by co-pilot Kim Yoon Sun (Ji Jin Hee). Her father, Han Kyu Pil (Kim Chang Wan), who was piloting the plane, also dies tragically in a subsequent accident. Years later, Da Jin is assigned to work as a co-pilot for Yoon Sun, who is now a respected pilot. She finds support in Choi Ji Won (Yoo Sun), the head flight attendant, and Kang Dong Soo (Lee Cheon Hee), an air traffic controller who has feelings for her. But she butts heads with Yoon Sun, who is haunted by his past mistakes and is determined to teach Da Jin about piloting a plane starting with the very basics. Are Da Jin and Yoon Sun fated to share intertwined lives in both work and love? Also known as “Fly Again,” “Take Care of Us, Captain,” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Joo Dong Min.

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Romanized title
bu tak hae yo kaep tin
Also known as
Fly Again
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2012-01-04 to 2012-03-08
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