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A family down on their luck due to the father’s failed business ventures accidentally discovers a way to make easy money – but it comes at a painful price. Jeong Byeon Hwan (Ahn Seok Hwan) has failed at yet another business and his family is evicted from their home and forced to live in a one-room apartment in a poor neighborhood. After drinking away his worries one night, Byeon Hwan gets hit by a truck while peeing in public and lands in the hospital. Faced with a large medical bill, the family’s prayers are answered when they receive an unexpectedly large insurance settlement. The son, Dae Cheol (Jeong Jun), who has just failed his college entrance exam, and the daughter, Jang Mi (Park Jin Hee), who works as a waitress, realize that there are large sums of money to be made in insurance settlements and drop everything to head up this new family business venture. One-by-one, the family members find creative ways to get injured so that they can collect the insurance money. Their growing hunger for this relatively “easy money” eventually puts them in conflict with Won Kwang Tae (Lee Beom Soo) and Shim Chung Eon (Park Sang Myeon), two dangerous men who play for keeps. Will they go through with their biggest score to collect large sums of life insurance money – even if it means one of them has to die? “Just Do It” (aka “You Can Do It”) is a 2000 South Korean film directed by Park Dae Yeong.

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Romanized title
Also known as
You Can Do It
Broadcast Network
Atoms Entertainment [아톰스엔터테인먼트]
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