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To what ends will a shy and awkward woman go to get the attention of a smooth lady’s man in her adult English class? Na Young Ju (Lee Na Young) attends a private English class so that she can better service foreign customers at her job. She becomes friends with Park Mun Su (Jang Hyuk), a slick shoe store owner who chases after good-looking women, including Catherine (Angela Kelly), their Australian English teacher. When Young Ju learns that Mun Su is learning English so that he can communicate with a mysterious woman whose picture he carries around, she believes the woman is his girlfriend and becomes jealous. At a chance encounter at a hotel with the woman, who can’t speak Korean but is meeting with Mun Su’s mother, Young Ju creates havoc by intentionally translating the woman’s words incorrectly to the mother. If Mun Su is able to communicate in English with the beautiful woman, will Young Ju lose her chance to win his heart? “Please Teach Me English,” also known as “The Complete Mastering of English,” is a 2003 South Korean comedy film directed by Kim Sung Su.

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Romanized title
Yeongeo wanjeonjeongbok
Also known as
The Complete Mastering of English
Broadcast Network
Nature Art Beauty Intelligence Pictures
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