"You’re never too old to go back to school. Gye Do Shik (Jung Joon Ho) grew up in the school of hard knocks and doesn’t have much of a formal education. He thought by being a part of a mob gang, he really wouldn’t miss out. But in the new digital age, when Do Shik can’t distinguish between an email address vs. a physical address and a net café vs. an actual coffee shop, Do Shik’s bosses are repeatedly embarrassed by his ignorance and decide that he needs to be sent back to high school. With his subordinates, the serious Kim Sang Do (Jung Woong In) and the imbecilic Dae Ka Ri (Jeong Woon Taek), trying to help from outside the school gates, Do Shik finds that the students in his new school are more dangerous than any gangsters he has ever dealt with. “My Boss, My Hero,” directed by Yoon Je Gyun, is a 2001 South Korean film that is the first film in the popular gangster trilogy with “My Boss, My Teacher” (2006) and “The Mafia, The Salesman” (2007)."
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Doosaboo ilchae
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