A mob boss (Son Chang Min) decides that the only way to keep his crime organization relevant in these modern times is to globalize. As the only member of the gang with a college degree, Gye Doo Shik (Lee Sung Jae) is charged with helping to expand the crime organization into the global market. Doo Shik gets a job as a lowly salesman in a multinational company in order to learn everything he can about corporate culture and running a large company. Doo Shik’s mafia friends help him make record sales in his first month on the job, and he is quickly promoted. But can he survive all the office politics, corporate scandals and restructuring to get what he needs out of the job, or is the gang just not ready to modernize? “The Mafia, The Salesman” is a 2007 South Korean comedy directed by Seung Bo Shim. It is the final film in the “My Boss, My Hero” and “My Boss, My Teacher” trilogy.
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Dooson Cinema [두손시네마]
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