We Are Going to Geneva Now
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A Vietnam veteran is having a tough time re-acclimating to civilian life. But Pil Wun's life turns upside down one day when he boards a train and sits next a young woman named Sun Na, who keeps popping sleeping pills. Sun Na is upset because a person she trusted in her hometown just ran off with all of her hard-earned money. When Sun Na passes out after taking too many sleeping pills, Pil Wun is forced to take her to the hospital. But will this be the last he will see of her? "We Are Going to Geneva Now" is a 1987 South Korean film directed by Song Yeong Su.
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Original title
우리는 제네바로 간다
Romanized title
Wurineun jigeum Jeneba-ro ganda
Also known as
Now, We are Going to Geneva
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