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Dok Soke (2012) - Sad Flower

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Dok Soke (2012) - Sad Flower
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A Thai lakorn that tells the story of a girl who has to endure hardship as a child and who is suddenly put into a rich household, when her rich grandfather recognizes her on the street. There she meets Ausanai again, the man whom she already loved as a child and who always treated her very kindly. How will this romance enfold and will this girl remain a sad flower ("Dok Soke") or will she get happiness after all?

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Channel 5
Broadcast Period
2012-04-09 to 2012-06-11
Thailand Romance

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11 Available Subtitles
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Pinta - Mee Jing Reu Plao (Does He Exist?): Dok Soke (2012) - Sad Flower Fan Channel
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